Coming Soon - Oatmeal Raisin Soft-Baked Plant-Based Cookie (20ct)

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Whole rolled oats. Plump, juicy raisins. Magificient molasses. Soothing cinnamon. Our soft-baked oatmeal raisin cookie honors tradition, but is crafted to stand out from the crowd. Sink your teeth into its soft, chewy texture and savor the comforting aroma and home-made taste. From our decades of experience with baking this classic in many forms, you'll find that this oatmeal raisin cookie can stack up against your favorites, all without dairy or eggs. Call it plant-based. Call it vegan. We call it... Simply Delicious!

Oats are known for their heart-healthy properties and being great sources of fiber. Dates and raisins add a natural sweetness and are packed with antioxidants. The combination of molasses and cinnamon takes the sweetness to a deeper level and makes our Oatmeal Raisin soft-baked cookie a primo choice for dessert as well as an afternoon snack! 

20 Individually-Wrapped 1.25oz Cookies in our inaugural plain jane packaging! Store them in your cookie jar or another closed container for up to 60 days for maximum freshness. For longer storage, find a good hiding spot in your freezer (not the fridge - they may dry out)!  

$30.00 ($1.50/cookie) - Carbon Neutral UPS Ground Shipping Included!