Ventless and Relentless Sustainability

"Sustainability One Day At A Time." It's not just a catchphrase we use. It's a responsibility we actively pursue. We believe every step, no matter how small, contributes to a more eco-conscious future. Today, we're talking about how our CMA-180VL ventless dishwasher helps support our sustainability initiatives by conserving both energy and water.   

The standout feature of the CMA-180VL is its built-in Heat Recovery System. Unlike traditional dishwashers that require vent hoods to dissipate steam and heat, our ventless model harnesses the power of steam for energy efficiency. During the wash cycle, the steam generated is used to heat up the incoming cold water for the next cycle. This clever process not only reduces energy consumption for our wash cycles, it also lowers the temperature and humidity in the dishwashing area, leading to energy use reductions for the HVAC system as well.  

Water conservation is another key focus of our sustainability efforts, and the CMA-180VL doesn't disappoint. With a water usage of just 0.89 gallons per wash cycle, it outperforms the average high-efficiency commercial unit (0.95 gallons/cycle) and significantly surpasses the 2.2-3.5 gallons usage range of the average modern dishwasher. (RestaurantAuthority) 

You may recall that we wrote a blog last year, Drips to Sips, where we focused on our water usage savings from using an automatic sensor on all of our handwashing sink faucets. We described the savings as water that could otherwise be used for drinking water. Let's dive into that math here too! Even if we only compare our model to the average high-efficiency commercial unit, we still see significant savings over time.  
We currently average around 20 wash cycles per day. The difference between our unit (0.89 gal/cycle) and the average high-efficiency unit (0.95 gal/cycle) is .06 gal/cycle. 
.06 x 20 = 1.2 gallons per day saved. 
1.2 x 5 days a week = 6 gallons per week saved. 
6 x 50 weeks per year = 300 gallons per year saved. 
Once again, we return to our unique way of putting this into perspective: saving water that could otherwise be used as drinking water. Every year, our dishwasher saves enough drinking water to fill 4800 eight ounce glasses. And again, that's just to compare our dishwasher to other reputable high-efficiency units. If we compared our machine to one that uses 2.2 gallons per cycle, we would annually save enough drinking water to fill 104,800 glasses. That's enough to provide 35 people with a year's supply of drinking water! 
We truly enjoy calculating these savings, and we hope that you find the results as inspiring as we do! From this view, saving any amount of water at all is worthwhile. Remember... those extra drips could be turned into sips!