Sustainable Packaging 

At Simply Delicious Snacks, we realize the importance of minimizing our environmental impact.  On our sustainability journey, we continue to invest time and resources into researching and testing the most sustainable packaging options for our products.  

We're regularly exploring new materials and designs that can help us reduce waste and decrease our carbon footprint. From low-resin plastics to biodegradable materials, we're looking at every facet of our packaging strategy to ensure that we're making the most responsible choices possible. We are committed to finding solutions that balance the need for quality, affordability, and environmental responsibility. This is an ongoing process, and we welcome your feedback! 

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Boxes  


Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification means that paper used to make the boxes comes from responsibly managed forests where the wood is harvested in a sustainable manner. This protects forest ecosystems and wildlife habitats, as well as helps to fight climate change by reducing deforestation and preserving carbon sinks. These boxes are also mostly made from wood that has been grown and harvested closer to the point of manufacture, greatly reducing transportation emissions and the carbon footprint of the packaging. Currently, 50% of our case and shipping boxes are SFI certified. We are working to convert our case/shipping box supply to 90% SFI certified boxes by the end of 2024. Click here for more info on SFI. More info on carbon sinks can be found here.

Office Paper Shreds for Packing Fill 


Buzz. Buzz… Buzz. Buzz… Like many other kitchen-based businesses, we also have an office. Along with an office comes a significant amount of paper and the necessity for shredding.  Unfortunately, most recycling companies do not currently accept shredded paper. The small pieces can fall through the cracks of the machinery used to sort materials, making it challenging to separate shredded paper from other types of recyclables. So, if we can't recycle shredded paper, what can we do with it? Our shipping process often involves a need for void fill. Amidst the brown, biodegradable kraft paper crinkles in our boxes, you may see an amount of regular shredded paper from our office. Whatever the blend ratio in your box, all of it is compostable. If you don’t have the ability to compost at home, there are many other ways to once again reuse the shredded paper. Consider mixing it in with potting soil, padding the base of your kitty litter box, use as fire kindling, or put it in your next gift bag!

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts 

At times, we still have a need for packing peanuts when we ship, but not the traditional kind! No, no, no. These are made from an anti-static organic starch and are FDA Compliant. These biodegradable peanuts can be added to your compost pile or be dissolved in water without leaving any toxic waste behind. They also cost less than most of their leading plastic-based counterparts! For more information on these packing peanuts and how they decompose, please click here.